Why We Should Take Fewer Pictures of Our Children

Interesante artículo. Algo que da que pensar. No veremos los efectos hasta dentro de unos años (no muchos), pero el caso es que toda la tecnología existente está generando un nuevo tipo de sociedad. Podéis acceder al artículo aquí. Lo cierto es que el cambio generacional es evidente. Eso, o que me hago mayor. Aquí os dejo un extracto:

"...And yet I fear her photo obsession may hasten her self-consciousness to a degree that’s no longer constructive. Early sexualization of young girls and grammar school kids being overly concerned with brands are just two of the innumerable specific elements of the much-bemoaned “Kids Getting Older Younger” trend that are widely written about. And yet a macro component of KGOY — precocious self-awareness — is not talked about enough, if at all. Alain Morin, a psychologist at Mount Royal University, in Canada, who studies self-awareness, told me: “There is no doubt that kids nowadays get far more exposed to self-focusing stimuli than we adults used to at their age, especially with digital cameras, cellphones, and the easiness of posting these images and videos online.”..."



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