Ciao, Italia

Yesterday, I said goodbye to the land of the pasta, pizza, lambrusco…and now pizzoccheri, ribollita, pecorino, lardo, speck… And all kind of (good) wines you can imagine. After two years, I still think we are very close countries. Same good things (food, drinks, cities, nature, history) and similar defects (even more, if we talk about politicians). But there is one thing I believe make us different, and it’s this: how they live the things and how they enjoy them. They can convert the simplest thing in something incredible and incomparable. Because they feel Italy and all that is inside their frontiers as unique and extraordinary. After two years there, the main difference I’ve found is this. It’s something we should imitate more.

Duomo de Milán

About the rest, good memories and experiences, those, are mine. And they will remain.

Ciao, Italia! ciao, Milano! e ci vediamo alla prossima!



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