The small village of Lauterbrunnen is placed in the region of Interlaken, in the canton of Bern. We chose this place due to its position, close to the Alps, for our last holidays. This is a wonderful place if you plan to have some relax time as well as if you are an enthusiastic of the snow sports like ski or snowboard. The village is full of small old hotels but very comfortable. But book them with time to save some money. If you want some reference, we chose the Staubbach hotel, close to the Staubbach (!) waterfall.

In this region you have to option to go to the cable car and walk following the railways of the train to Müren or take the small train to Wengen. The first option allows you to ski and have a nice walk in this side of the valley, enjoying the nice landscape of the opposite side. Good for the afternoon if you arrive after lunch.

The other option is preferible if you have an entire day. You can take the train to Wengen and rent (if you don’t have it) your equipment for ski or snowboard. The place is full of activities. In our case, we chose the sledging. You can rent a sledge in Wegen, go to Kleine Scheidegg and slide to Wegen again. Maybe the first part of Kleine Scheidegg is not very funny, but you can view one of the highest mountains in the alps: the Jungfraujoch and the Mönch


The Mönch (left) and the Jungfraujoch (right)

If you have money, you can take a train that left you in the top of Europe (accessible) or, like us, start to slide to Wengen again (around 1.5 h). The same track is shared for hiking, skiing (not all) and sledging, but is well signed. Another thing that I enjoyed was the silence: if you are able to stop and listen, you realized how beauty is the silence. Another nice thing is that the air is totally clean in the mountains and all the valley, finding lichens all the time.


A place that worth to visit. Expensive (we are in Switzerland) but you have the camping option too.



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