Zürich: Let’s ride a bike!

When you are in Zürich, you have three options to move around: public transport, walking or biking. The first one is excellent. The public transport in Zürich works very well and it’s very punctual. In my opinion, a little expensive, if you don’t work here. For a short visit, the 24h ticket is the best option. Another option is walking. The city is not too big, so you can arrive to one point in less than 30-40 min. (always talking about the city, not the surroundings).

But if you want to enjoy the city, I recommend you the bike or “velo”. No matter if you are going to stay for a day or several. The city is perfect to ride and moreover, the car drivers consider you when you are in the bike. Let’s consider the options if you want to get one:

  • Rent a bike: In the city of Zürich you will find a free (yes, free) service for bike rent. You will have to give a deposit of 20 francs and the information of your ID. There are several of this rental points around the city (you can recognize them by their green color)
  • Buy a bike: Here you have three options. The first one is to buy a new bike. If you decide this,be ready to pay more than 800 francs (the most expensive I’ve seen was around 5000!). You can find several shops in the center. Of course the bikes are perfect and the seller will recommend you your perfect bike. The second option is the second-hand market. I bought my bike here. Here, everyday a new bike is sold, but good offers dissapear, so stay tunned. You can get a good “velo” for 100-200 francs. For the third option, I can only say that there are several auctions around the city. Prices are fine (100-300 francs) but the only problem is that numbers are told in Swiss-german, and I can tell you, those guys speak very fast!

Respect to the rules, they are not very different from the rest of the world. Just a recommendation: buy a couple of lights (front-back). In words of a police officer: they are not mandatory during the day, but if you have a trouble with a car and you don’t have them, you will have a problem. During the night are mandatory. You can buy a set for 9 francs in the Interdiscount shops. About the parking, the city is plenty of parking stations, so you will not have a problem to find one, but if so, you can leave you bike more or less anywhere.

Finally. Zürich is safe. But buy a good lock. Here people also steal bikes!

Have a nice ride!


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